25pc. BioMSK Fashion Pack with reusable NBELYAX® nanomolecule


Biomsk plus with reusable NBELYAX® nanomolecule

Recommended age: +13
Type: Reusable mask with NBELYAX® nanomolecule: Studies have shown its effectiveness in removing viral and bacterial materials on contact.
Package content: 25pcs. (5 of each color)

BioMSK is the only reusable face mask made with patented microbial nanotechnology that lasts for up to ten days. BioMSK is made of a soft linen fabric that is snug yet breathable, fashionable yet functional. BioMSK is fully microbial for up to ten days and includes a protective shield that lasts up to ten washes by hand — no soap required.

BioMSK is patented in 120 countries including the United States and is fully FDA approved. Every BioMSK contains the active ingredient NBELYAX, a patented nanomolecule that serves as the most advanced microbial system in the world. With just two nanometers in each mask, NBELYAX acts as a biocatalyst that penetrates pathogens to disassemble the genetic material of harmful microorganisms.

BioMSK is completely recyclable upon disposal, allowing for an environmentally-friendly alternative to typical disposable masks. For each BioMSK purchased, consumers help reduce the growing impact of mask waste on the environment.

100% Reusable Fabric (up to 10 days)
Washable: Up to 10 times
Mask Size: 17 x 15 cm
Head Strap Type: Ear Loops of 18 cm resistant to tearing and elongation
Nose Piece: Yes
Packaging: Box dimensions 1.6in x 7.87in x 3.94in
Box Weight: 0.39lb
Care Instructions: Wash only by hand with water, WITHOUT soap or detergent so as not to damage the functioning of the Nano-particle, do not squeeze, do not tumble dry.

made in north america