Contract Manufacturing Sourcing Program

IBC’s CM Sourcing Program connects companies looking for manufacturing services in Mexico with internationally-certified expert contract manufacturers. By taking care of all due diligence, strategic research, evaluation and company selection, we help establish a formal relationship between our clients and their potential suppliers.

IBC’s experience has built a reliable manufacturing network within Mexico specialized in a wide range of products and processes including Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers with high quality standards and international certifications that we can help you connect with.

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Industries we have worked with ready to discuss your manufacturing needs

PCBA & Electronics Assemblies
Metal Extrusion
Injection Molding
CNC Machining - Metals
And More!

Finding the right manufacturer

To connect you with the manufacturer that meets your high quality standards we reach out and work with diverse manufacturers within our network to determine the correct fit, costs and capabilities needed for your specific project.

You are ultimately in full control of which contract manufacturer you choose and your relationship with the CMO and production.  We respect your expertise and your product, and we will support you when and where you need us.

Finding the right manufacturer

Step by Step Sourcing Process

Once we identify the product sourcing project meets your needs and budget, we implement a client-friendly, step-by-step sourcing process.

Network of Existing Suppliers

We reach out to our network of contract manufacturers and start the evaluation and information gathering process.

Factory Visits

After narrowing the list of potential suppliers down we set up a date for you to visit the factories or we visit them on your behalf.

Expedition of Quotes

We manage the quotes from the potential suppliers, bidding process and negotiation.

Price Negotiations

Apart from the bidding process we also assist you with final price negotiations.

Locate Additional Suppliers

We build a list of potential suppliers for your project, narrow it down and set up visits.

Quality Control Inspections

We make sure the process and capabilities from the manufacturers in Mexico that you pick meet your product quality standards.

Receiving/Expedition of Sample

We make sure to gather all the specifications about your product and provide the full information to the manufacturer, work on a sample and get it to you for adjustments or approval.

Mexico Manufacturing Consultant

As your Mexico manufacturing partner we work towards building long term manufacturer’s representation in Mexico for you.

Benefits of Using IBC’s CM Sourcing Program

IBC understands the value of your time and money, which is why we take care of all the necessary work and preparations to transition your company into the proper manufacturing process.

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