Shelter Manufacturing Program

If you are looking to establish your own cost-effective manufacturing process in Mexico, without having to handle the administrative and legal aspects of the business, our program is for you, and we can help you set it up.

Our team of experts will guide you through the complete set up of operations, minimize your risk and exposure, save your money and get you going faster. Your company would use our existing infrastructure while you maintain full operational control of your production.

Shelter Manufacturing Program

You manufacture…
We take care of the rest

By using our shelter services in Mexico, your company enjoys our already existing permits and certifications such as the IMMEX program and VAT certification, legal structure, know-how, local strategic partners and administrative support staff.

As your Mexico shelter services provider, the entire responsibility for your operation falls on us, from facility permitting, legal and fiscal obligations, to labor law, import and export, environmental law compliance and the complete administration of your Mexico manufacturing operation.

Shelter Manufacturing Program
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We provide a solid team and back office infrastructure that allows you to focus 100% on production while we manage all administration and compliance for your Mexican factory. Our top management team in Mexico is experienced and ready to handle the set-up and ongoing administration of your maquiladora ensuring compliance with Mexican laws and tax liabilities.

  • Legal framework and compliance
  • Human Resources in Mexico
  • Logistics and customs
  • Accounting and tax reconciliation
  • Environmental, health and safety
  • Day-to-day operations

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Shelter Manufacturing