Over 40 years of experience

International Business Connections provides support to foreign companies in need of manufacturing, shelter, logistics, call center and/or commercial representation services within Mexico. Serving a broad range of industries, we provide an end-to-end service for business across the world, from new ventures to global corporations.

Over 40 years of experience


Nearshore Services

Maquiladora Shelter Program

Contract Manufacturing

IBC connects companies looking for manufacturing services in Mexico with internationally-certified expert contract manufacturers. By taking care of all due diligence, strategic research, evaluation and company selection, we help establish a formal relationship between our clients and their potential suppliers.

Independent Mexican Corporation

Third Party Logistics (3PL)

We manage our client’s distribution and supply chain strategies through our complete freight, warehousing and distribution operations, which can be scaled and customized to our client’s needs.

Call Center

Call Center Services

Our fully customizable contact center is able to provide various services focused on facilitating customer relationship management, including bilingual technical support, maintenance, marketing, after-sales service, and research, data and customer management.

Contract Manufacturing

Shelter Manufacturing Program

Our shelter services are structured for companies that are looking to establish their own manufacturing process in Mexico. We handle the administrative and legal aspects of the business while our clients focus on their operations.

Contract Manufacturing

International Trading Services

With our marketing, sales, and foreign trade expertise, we help our clients reach both the U.S. and Mexican markets by strategically introducing their products through our expertly crafted distribution network.