What is a shelter company?
A shelter company in Mexico provides services that allow foreign companies to establish their business in Mexico. The shelter company manages the administrative and legal tasks necessary for operating in Mexico, allowing the foreign company to focus solely on their manufacturing operations. The shelter company also handles every task necessary for establishing said manufacturing operations in Mexico, saving the foreign company the hassle of opening a new company in the country.
The shelter company becomes the legal entity and employer of record in the country, allowing immediate access to permits and certifications and acts as the liaison between local business partners, suppliers, labor unions, government officials, and more.
What kind of services does a shelter company provide?
A shelter company provides and manages all administrative functions of your Mexican operations, leaving you in complete control of the manufacturing operations of your business.
Shelter companies offer a variety of essential services:
-Human Resources and recruiting -Payroll and benefits -Import/Export administration -Tax and fiscal compliance -Health and safety protocols -Purchasing and vendor relationships -Facilities management
What are the benefits of using a shelter company?
Opening a new facility in a different country can be challenging but using a shelter company can make things easier:
-Fast startup experience -Lower operating costs -Labor recruitment by professional experts -Instant access to experts -Assurance that all necessary compliances will be fulfilled -Insider access to trusted vendors and providers -No Mexican income tax -Reduced border crossing and associated costs -The right infrastructure required for manufacturing needs -No responsibility to report to the Mexican government -Decrease of legal risks